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Timotheus Bradshavius
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Agent of the Divine Imagination, Artificer of Fictions and Fantasies and Myths, Psychedelic Humorist and Philosopher, Syntropic Chaos Magician... Oh, and I like comics, cartoons, and video games, among other things. I also occasionally make comics and cartoons, wish I could also make video games.

You can also find me on YouTube where I upload stuff I can't here, namely videos like animation and music and such.

Also Tumblr.

If you really like my stuff and want to insure that more of it is made, head on over to my Patreon! All donations are greatly, greatly appreciated and come with some nice perks you might enjoy as well.
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I think it's about time for another UPDATE!!

First off, I finally made a YouTube channel. You can find it here -->… So far I haven't uploaded much, but I did upload all of the finished work I had on that Sir Dufius animated intro, so you can go see it for yourself if you like. This channel will serve not only as a repository for stuff I can't upload here (like video and music and such), but also for my video series-to-be Thus Spoke Timothustra, where I make weird, esoteric connections between geekdom/pop culture and philosophy, mythology, mysticism, etc. Still not sure entirely when I'll start that, perhaps when I get more comfortable with YouTube and how it works. 

But before I do that, I'll most likely start a podcast (of the same name, basically) and upload it to the YouTube channel. I actually tried once before, but I found that it's kinda hard for me to talk about something if I don't have anyone prodding me in some way, so what I thought might work is if I answer people's questions. By having questions, I have something to talk about, a clear and concise goal, and a perfect means for diverging into tangents. So, if you have any questions, please send them my way. You can post them here, or send me a note, or a tweet, or what have you. You can ask me anything you want, but the best questions for this podcast would probably be more open-ended ones, like "what is your opinion on...?" or something to that effect. Y'know, something I can linger on for a while rather than a simple yes-or-no question. But you're welcome to ask me anything, ranging from geeky stuff to artsy stuff to deep stuff, or perhaps some combination of those. Whatever you want to ask, ask away! 

Also, I'm on Patreon now. You can find me here --> In case you don't know, Patreon is a place for content creators (such as myself) to be supported by their fans. It's like Kickstarter but for people rather than single large projects. I'm asking to be paid per five comic pages, which I think is fair, seeing as that would take about two weeks or so (three or four if I'm working on other stuff) I'll probably add more to that list when I get the opportunity to start more. Speaking of, I've changed my current comic project from Future Perfect to... something else. As I started working on it, I realized I needed more time to do more world-building, since it is a sci-fi story and all, and coming up with somewhat convincing future technologies is a lot harder than it looks (especially since I'm used to more hand-wavey "wizard did it" kind of stuff with my fantasy stories). So I'm switching over from that one to another that I won't reveal until I actually have some pages made up for it. 

This new comic project also bleeds over into another project I'm working on, which is a storyboard pitch to Frederator. Animation production studio Frederator (producers of Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, so on and so forth) have recently started a new anthology project called "Go! Cartoons" and they're looking for pitches. And by golly I'm gonna give 'em one! Several, probably. And I figured "Hell, I was gonna work on some cartoony comics anywho, may as well reverse-engineer those into animation storyboards to send to them." So that's what I'm gonna do. I might not upload the storyboards here, maybe a few or something, but I'll definitely upload the actual comics themselves for sure, so look for those in the near future. 

And that's about it for now. Stay tooned for more comics and fan art and such, and send me some questions for my podcast! Thank you and have a nice day! 


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