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Timotheus Bradshavius
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United States
Agent of the Divine Imagination, Artificer of Fictions and Fantasies and Myths, Psychedelic Humorist and Philosopher, Ectropic Chaos Magician... Oh, and I like comics, cartoons, and video games, among other things. I also occasionally make comics and cartoons, wish I could also make video games.
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Good day (or night) to you Internet, it's about time for another update, seeing as things have changed a bit since the previous one. Changed for the better, that is. 

First of all, by either Divine Grace or Dumb Luck (or some convenient combination of the two) I've managed to find a means of amassing worthless Federal Reserve notes! Which means I can now fund all my projects, which I'll describe momentarily. 

So yes, I've got a lot of plans for this upcoming year. I'm going to launch several different projects, ranging from animation to comics to web-video series to podcast to even video game. How am I going to juggle so many different projects all at once? Planning! That's how I'm going to do it. I've gotten myself a planner for 2015 and have planned all the way up to May (it's a little difficult to plan beyond that, as things are always subject to change, be it under my control or otherwise). And here's what I'll be doing:

Animated Project
The Adventures of Sir Dufius - Pilot Episode

This is something of a reboot-of-a-reboot of my Sir Dufius series that I've been trying to get off the ground since 2008. I originally envisioned the series as an animated cartoon but came to the inevitable conclusion that *in a whining voice* ANIMATION IS HAAAAAARD!!! *end whining* So I then decided it would be easier to make it a comic, which did indeed turn out to be easier. However, way back then I clearly had no sense of pacing (I mean, it took like 15 pages just to get through the introduction!!) and humor (which relied primarily on "random" humor, which can be funny if done well; random for the sake of random, though, is just not funny). Then I tried it again in 2012, which was considerably better, but I still didn't really have a sense of where I was going with the story. Now that I've actually had a little experience in animation, and that my sense of humor has evolved and matured (somewhat), and that I actually know where I want to go with this series and how to structure it story-wise, I've decided it's time to try it out as an animated pilot for a potential series. 

This pilot episode will be called Sir Dufius and the Epic Quest for Lunch, which sort of lampoons the concept of the "fetch quest" which seems to be very common in fantasy RPGs. I hope to have it completed and released by May of 2015. And before that, I hope to have the intro/teaser finished by the end of this year and the beginning of the next. So far, it seems to be coming along pretty well. As for the pilot, if it gets a decent amount of recognition, or if enough people show some interest in it, I'll continue with the series. If not, I'll just try another series out. Hell, I might even pitch it around to places like Frederator (who are always looking for cartoon pitches, apparently) and see what they think of it. 

Comic Project
Stone Punks - Episode 2 and beyond

I've not given up on Stone Punks, despite the dismal amount of progress I've made on it since releasing the printed version. Since I have so many other projects to work on, I won't be able to crank pages out like I have in the past, but I'll dedicate the third week of each month to doing nothing but that. I expect to get at least 5 or 6 pages done in that time, so that's about 5 or 6 pages per month. 

Web Video Series Project

This is the YouTube series I mentioned in the previous journal entry, though I've tweaked the idea since then. PopMystic, as the name may imply, is a series that focuses on pop-culture and mysticism. And by Mysticism, I mean taking a closer, deeper look at things such as comics, cartoons, video games, movies, Internet memes, and other aspects of our modern popular culture from such perspectives as mythology, Jungian/Depth psychology, magick, fringe science, etc. Some things I'll talk about include: Comparing Nayru from The Legend of Zelda to the Divine Logos, and Zelda herself to Christ - Proving that friendship is literally Magick - Finding parallels to the Christian Trinity and the Wiccan Triple Goddess in the three Eds and the Kanker sisters from Ed, Edd, n' Eddy - Using Jungian psychology to psychoanalyze the dream worlds of Yume Nikki, Ness's Magicant from EarthBound, etc. - and so on and so forth. I don't want to give too much away right yet, but that's a taste of what you'll get from PopMystic

As for it's schedule, while I'm working on The Adventures of Sir Dufius, I'll be making one of these per month. I'll dedicate the second week of each month to making one of these. After the pilot is finished, I'll probably bump that up to about two or possibly even three per month. 

Podcast Project
Thus Spoke Timothustra

This is basically a free-form podcast I'll be doing every week or so. It's basically an unscripted version of PopMystic, although not bound to pop-culture. I'll just ramble on about weird ideas I have, such as: Where do ideas come from? Do we generate ideas ourselves or do they exist in their own plane of existence a la Alan Moore's "Idea Space"? - Are there more kinds of organisms other than biological? Are there psychic organisms (ideas, archetypes, complexes, etc.), economic organisms (corporations, etc.), societal organisms (governments, etc.), technological organism (technology itself, the Internet, etc.)? Are these things alive? - Do we live in some kind of digital simulation? Is reality better modeled as an information system computed by consciousness rather than the old Newtonian billiard balls of particles and whatnot? - Do ghosts haunt not the physical houses themselves, but rather our collective notion of said house? Is this concept "house" more like some kind of operating system that runs "ghost.exe", so to speak? - If the Universe is supposedly decaying into entropy, why do we, the most highly syntropic entity in the known Universe, exist at all? - and so on and so forth. There will be a lot of overlap between the two series, obviously. 

While I have it planned to do these at least once a week, it's very well possible that I could do them even more frequently than that, as they're basically just recordings of myself rambling (which I'm particularly good at doing given the right subject matter). 

Video Game Project
Madjinni [Working Title]

Not so much a "project" as a "hobby". I've always wanted to make video games since I played my first game (Kirby's Adventure in case you were wondering) when I was four years old. However, I've never been able to wrap my head around coding, so I've never really been able to make one of my own yet. I hope to change that. I've recently purchased GameMaker Studio Professional, and in my spare time (what little spare time I'll have with this monstrosity of a schedule!) I would like to take up the fine art of game making. 

As for the actual game, I've come up with an idea for a relatively simple platformer adventure game inspired by Doki-Doki Panic set in a fairytale Arabia that also spans other fantasized countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, India, etc. The story involves a brother and sister who help their uncle uncover the secrets of an illusive race of living machines called the Madjinni (pronounced "Machine-y"), all the while being pursued by a mysterious masked cult seemingly trying to stop them. That's pretty much all I have so far, the idea is still pretty fresh.

Since this is just a hobby-project, it'll be the thing I work on the least, so I have no idea how long it'll take to get anything done with it. I will upload sprites and other graphics and whatnot as I complete them, though. 

And thus concludes what I'm sure will be an incredibly busy schedule, but maybe, just maybe, it'll end up being my most productive year ever! That's what I'm hoping, anyway. I've spent way to much time piddling my time away wondering what I'll do next. Now I've got a schedule to consult, so theres no excuse not to do anything. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some animating to do. 
:iconcd-ilinkplz::iconsaysplz:OH BOI!! I'm so poorly animated, I could eat an octorock! 


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